Router Keygen

Software that aids in recovering a user's Wi-Fi key


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  • Category Networks
  • Program license Free
  • Version 3.15.0
  • Size 4 MB
  • Works under: Android
  • Package name org.exobel.routerkeygen
  • Program by Rui Araújo

If you’re looking for an easy way to test your network for vulnerabilities and decrypt Wi-Fi keys on Android, Router Keygen is a smart choice.

You don't have to be a security expert to use Router Keygen – in fact, all you have to do is tap your screen. After a couple minutes of scanning the app will find networks and then generate a cipher if a supported network is available.

The app uses various decryption methods and dictionaries to help generate the right key; it can even decipher Thomson passwords and more advanced encryption.

It’s important to note that this may not work on all routers; if a network is unsupported it’ll show up in the “unsupported” column so you don’t waste time trying to test a network the tool won’t work on.

Overall Router Keygen is a fast keygen tool for accessing routers, testing for vulnerabilities on your own network, and helps you prevent unauthorized access to your network by others.


  • You Don’t Have to Be a Hacker to Use It Unlike other decipher and security analysis apps, you don’t need to be a security expert to use Router Keygen!
  • Decipher Tough Passwords and Keys Fast Start up the app, scan for available networks and then run and wait. Once the correct cipher is found you’ll be alerted and you can connect to the network.
  • Works With Many Routers Router Keygen supports a growing list of routers including Verizon FiOS, Belkin, NetGear, Eircom, Pirelli and various types of encryption to help you test for security vulnerabilities.


  • Ad Supported This app is ad-supported; ads can be removed with a small donation to the creator.